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Weapon Displays & Sword Stands

Around 20 million Americans participate in some form of martial arts. It is no surprise that so many of those who appreciate martial arts also collect the weaponry. Whether you are someone who practices martial arts and owns a variety of weapons or you are an experienced, avid collector, displaying your collection properly is key to not only showing it off, but keeping your weapons safe and in good condition.

AWMA offers a wide selection of weapons displays and sword stands that fit in with any decor. From floor or mantle models that hold one sword to wall-mounted displays that will accommodate up to 7 swords, we have the right size display for the casual or professional collector. We also offer a black-finished, hardwood kubudo stand for displaying your sais or kamas.

If you need a display for your bo staff collection, we have a solution for that as well. Our natural hardwood wall displays provide space for 6 to 10 bo staffs, and we also offer a display floor rack that can accommodate up to 10 bo staffs.

Each of our sword stands and weapon displays are constructed of quality hardwood and have a beautiful black-lacquered finish that will enhance the craftsmanship of your swords. No need to hide your martial arts weapons in a closet where no one can see them. Display your collection in one of AWMA’s high-quality, affordable weapons displays or sword stands.

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